best albums of 2023 artwork collage

Best Albums of 2023

Here are the albums that soundtracked my 2023. They were there through moments of great joy and times of deep sadness, provided places to reflect or forget, seek solace or catharsis. They made me dance, laugh and cry.  They were...

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Moldy Peaches Roundhouse 2023

Best Gigs of 2023

2023 had it all – killer new acts, perennial favourites, stunning innovators, jazz legends, and a hefty dose of nostalgia. This year I got to see Pulp, Moldy Peaches and Kerbdog all perform live – three bands that...

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mould bristol band

Mould – Birdsong

It’s a Friday night and you’re going out. Fuck it, you say, squeezing into skinny jeans, pulling on your best boots. You’re tired, of course you are, but you need to dispel the fug of the working week, shift the...

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brutalism in music camberwell submarine

Brutalism and Music

Deerhunter released their album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared on a limited edition ‘Brutalist Grey’ vinyl.   Skepta rapped his way around the Barbican Estate in his video for Shutdown.   Damien...

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Darren Hayman Cube Bristol

Best Gigs of 2022

Although not without trepidation, the return to regular gig going in 2022 has been nothing short of amazing. From cavernous arenas to cramped basement stages, boat hulls to backstreet cinemas, it’s been a thrill and a deep...

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albums of the year 2022

Best Albums 2022

2022 has been a good year for music and as always I’m truly thankful for all of those musicians putting themselves out there and finding new and glorious ways to express themselves. In no particular order, here’s my...

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best albums 2021

Best Albums 2021

Thank you to all the musicians making music. Never underestimate the importance of what you do to people like me, especially in years like this. Here’s my round-up of the best albums of 2021. R. Seiliog – Ash Dome Ash...

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best albums 2020

Best Albums 2020

Here is the round-up of the music that has provided solace and more in 2020. There’s no rankings as each album in this list came into my life and connected with me at some point over the last 12 months – that...

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