LPs New Gramophone House India

The Vinyl Fairy

I am taking out the rubbish. It is not a task I enjoy. There are several reasons for this. I do not like that moment when you jostle the contents of the bin bag so you can tie it and in so doing force a guff of rotten air up into...

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best live gigs 2014

Best Gigs 2014

In 2014, I got to see bands that I thought I would never ever see live – McLusky, Neutral Milk Hotel, Violent Femmes, Neil Young as well as various other acts that I have sang along to in various bedrooms in various houses...

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Jonwayne gangster doodle best tracks 2014

Best Tracks 2014

Image Jonwayne by Gangster Doodles   It’s near impossible to keep up with new music these days. The democratising force of the Internet, the availability, prevalence and affordability of recording technology and the...

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Caribou Our Love Album Cover

Best Albums 2014

  2014 has been a strange year for music. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was precisely about the last 12 months that I found strange. In the main, I struggled to connect with many of the albums. There...

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ofei new music 2014

Ones to Watch 2014

Here are four talented artists to watch out for in 2014, promising to deliver exciting new music in 2014. Ofei London producer and singer Ofei released some of the most intriguing tracks of 2013, preaching a bruised urban...

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