Notes on Hanoi

Places that I like to eat on Hang Dieu:Loc Tai bakeryThe Loc Tai bakery on Hang Dieu makes cakes, sells fluorescent jelly desserts but most importantly bakes sweet bread hamburger […]

The Sign: Saigon, Vietnam

It is evening under Saigon’s pinkish skies. Motorcycles course through the crowded streets like white blood cells rushing along veins to fight infection. For a constant angry swarm that threatens […]

Snapshots of Vietnam

Halong City HighwayA man hovers over the body of another man’s in a roadside building. Perhaps a victim of the motorcycle madness that is Vietnam’s forte – it’s impossible to […]

MP3 Player

He had filled the MP3 Player with songs she liked. In truth, he did not like these songs but it was her surprise party and he wanted the music playing […]

Border Crossings

I like South East Asian Border Crossings. I would recommend them to anyone. If South East Asian Border Crossings had a Facebook page, I would consider becoming a Fan. There’s […]