Best Tracks of 2012

Ok, so these probably aren’t the eighteen best tracks of 2012 but they’re the ones I’ve heard and like more than all the others I’ve heard.┬áThere are of course tracks that I haven’t heard yet and millions I never will.┬áThese are, however, the ones that I get lost in, the ones that get me dancing, the ones that I keep on going back to time and time again.This list excludes those tracks that appear on albums in my top 20 of the year and those selected for my ones to watch for 2013 but includes remixes. Only nerds make end of the year lists. Only idiots make end of year lists with this many caveats. Here goes…


Best Tracks of 2012


Jeremih – Fuck U All The Time (DPat Remix

Doldrums – Egypt

Jai Paul – Jasmine

Mvscles – Sweet and Sour

Major Lazer feat. Amber of The Dirty Projectors

Recondite – Tie In (Acid Test)

Fireworks Night – Amongst The Disappeared

Volcano! – Long Gone

Crystal Castles – Plague

Michael Paskalev – I Spy

Atlas – Hunter

Josephine Foster – Waterfall

Dolfish – Your Love Is Bumming Me Out

Bastards of Fate – Huge Magic

Jessie Ware – Night Light (Perseus Remix)

Atoms for Peace – Default

Dream Brother – Haunted Heart

Alabama Shakes – Hold On

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