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Small Press, Independent & DIY Comic Publishers – Small Press Day 2020

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite artists, zine makers and independent publishers for Small Press Day 2020.

I’ve included some pictures of these self-published and small press zines and comics as well as links on where to buy them or find out more information on the creators.

The publishing industry is not an easy one to break into, especially when it comes to graphic novels, alternative comics and marginalised voices. The option to be able to publish your own work or do so via a small press publisher is not necessarily profitable, but one I am extremely thankful for. It means that unique voices and artistic talents are more accessible.

There is a healthy network of independent small press UK publishers and creators that form part of a strong and inclusive community. There is very little money in it, but the levels of passion, creativity and support seem high. The freedom to create and publish work largely on your own terms is something worth shining a light on.

I love the fact that these bursts of creativity – that can make me laugh, cry and think, sometimes all at the same time – arrive through my letterbox on a regular basis.  Thank you.

Ioan Morris

Up first is Ioan Morris, a brilliant Welsh cartoonist whose work combines elements of sci-fi, noir, otherworldliness, and wrestling. Some works are self-contained, with the economy of a good short story. Others are serialised such as his latest Biggol, allowing you to descend deeper into these alternative realities. Ioan’s panels are always powerful, with expert use of space.

ioan morris zine south wales panel


Ioan’s work is self-published as Dry Comics and available via Biggol volumes 1 and 2 are available through the brilliant Carp Publishing Endeavours alongside Josh Hick’s excellent Glorious Wrestling Alliance. 

Tim Bird

Tim’s brilliant self-published works complement his superlative and award-winning longer books from Avery Hill Publishing. Tim likes to explore themes of space, time and place, often with a psychogeographic leaning, in his comics and art. There’s usually a good chunk of nostalgia too. His drawings are always perfectly balanced with beautiful details, often exploring the intersection of the natural environment and the man-made.

tim bird self-published comicstim bird artist - carrying child illustration


Buy Tim’s work or via averyhill.

Henry Miller

Henry is an artist and zine creator that brings humour and fine art to his output. His works include a riotous visual celebration of a Gideon Coe radio show and a directory of Bullseye contestants and their prizes.

Henry Miller records and teea

You can buy his work alongside that of his uber-talented son Stanley Miller over at

Colossive Press

Colossive Press is an innovative and compelling DIY publisher.

Personal favourites include Tom Murphy’s brilliant and very funny account of the rise and fall of the Croydon Spaceport alongside a risograph take on Waiting for Godot with Torvill and Dean – Skating for Godot.

Colosive’s ongoing cartographies series is a fantastic celebration of talent in the UK illustration and zine scene, and well worth purchasing too.

croydon space port zine

Buy from


Harley Maryon & Tom Benjamin

Zines and small books aren’t just for illustration – here we have some excellent photography-based publications.

As a massive fan of Brutalist architecture, these two works by Harley Maryon and Tom Benjamin capture the architectural style expertly.

Harley Maryon’s Concrete Abstractions features brutalism from across Bristol and Southampton including many of my favourite buildings.

Tom Benjamin focusses exclusively on the now-demolished Tricorn Centre. The photography in both cases is of the highest quality as are the publications.

barbican brutalism harley maryon

Buy Harley’s work here

tricorn brutalism zine

Buy Tom’s work here

CJ Reay and Black Lodge Press

The output from Black Lodge Press is always good. CJ Reay’s illustrative style can be both beautiful and devastating.

CJ Reay’s Twin Peaks paeans, the dark erotic risograph beauty of Laid and the stunning A Garden By The Sea, inspired by Derek Jarman are personal favourites.

CJ Reay Jarman zine

Buy from

Also a big shout out to Bristol’s Specialist Subject record store for stocking CJ Reay’s works alongside many other excellent zines including from LBGTQ+ creators.

Olivia Sullivan

Olivia Sullivan’s work plunges you headfirst into fractured, poetic worlds. With a striking visual style, the reader attempts to make sense of glitches in the fabric of consciousness, non-linear explorations of self. These psychedelic journeys are equal parts intriguing as disorientating. A truly original talent.

escapades olivia sullivan

Buy from

Nick Soucek

Environmentally conscious, innovative, and fun – I love Nick’s work and wish I had more and that he producted more. Nick always finds different ways to make the reader question their relationship to nature, the environment and the past. I love the way that man-made structures cut through our landscapes, both violently and beautifully.

nick soucek diy zine

Buy from

Pirrip Press

The amazing Bristol studio Pirrip Press features the stellar talents of George Hounsome and Alex Higlett.

Beautiful, minimalistic, impactful illustrations fill their zines, prints and artworks providing calm poetry, fun instructional advice and moments of still clarity in a muddled world.

pirrip press zine bristol

Buy from


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