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Super Squarecloud: What Bands Do Bands Listen To?

When I interview bands I always ask them what music they’ve been listening to. It’s usually so that I get an insight into their tastes and influences, but also a good way to discover some interesting new music. Sadly, the answers rarely find a place in the final interviews. But I figured if I enjoyed knowing what bands bands listened to then so might you. Here we are then with the first in a new feature on The Spoonster Spouts where I pick tracks by bands mentioned by bands and share them with you. Get it? Good. Here goes…

Super Squarecloud playlist

First up are lovely Swindon kaleidoscopic popsters Super Squarecloud who I interviewed for Spindle Magazine earlier this year. They offer up some seriously tasty acts to kick things off.

Who’s in Super Squareloud:

Jo Ford (Vocals) James Maynard (Guitar) Joseph Critchley (Bass) Owen Phillips (Percussion)

Sounds like:

A Zap lolly in the sunshine: French pop, Deerhoof and post-grunge melting delightfully.

Listen to:

Standford Torus ep

Bands that the band listen to:

Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen


Grimes – Oblivion

Shugo Tokumaru

Shugo Tokumaru – Katachi

Quack Quack

Quack Quack – Cut Me Some Slacks

Malcolm Catto

Malcolm Catto – Rock

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