Best films on UK Netflix

Best Films on Netflix

I waste too much time watching Netflix, but ultimately I’m okay with that. What I take umbrage with is the number of hours I waste looking for something worth watching on Netflix. I have even invented a term for it – Netflux:

Netflux (noun)

If you find yourself in a state of netflux, you have been searching aimlessly for something worth watching on Netflix for an agonisingly long amount of time, so long in fact you no longer have time to watch that something if you ever did find it.

As well as the endless in-app trawling and IMDB cross-referencing, I have read all the top 10, best 50, ultimate 100 movies on Netflix articles going. Ultimately, they waste more of my time and heighten my frustration with their pop-ups, ads, and maddening unresponsive pages when what I really want is a list of half decent decent films that are on Netflix.

So here it is… my wholly subjective list of the best Films on Netflix UK. I’ve included a rough genre, a short summary and a ‘if you enjoyed this, try this’ of films also on Netflix.


Netflix UK Films Worth Watching



Genre: Romantic

Summary: French twee loveliness with Audrey Tautou turning Paris into a magical place where anything is possible.

Like this, try: Annie Hall


Annie Hall

Genre: Comedy drama

Summary: Woody Allen’s finest – a brilliantly scripted, witty and warm-hearted look at love and relationships.

Like this, try: Manhattan



Genre: Action

Summary: Bonkers, violent and visually rich, this Mayan ‘history’ movie is almost as batshit crazy as its director Mel Gibson.

Like this, try: Battle Royale


Big Lebowski

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Brilliant caper from the Coen brothers, complete with Nihilists, ‘Jesus’ and a stellar cast that includes John Goodman, Julianne Moore and Jeff Daniels as ‘the Dude’.

Like this, try: Raising Arizona

Big Short, The

Genre: Drama

Summary: An entertaining and well acted film, which is somewhat surprising given that it charts the origins of the financial crash.

Like this, try: Louis Theroux (numerous series on Netflix UK)


Genre: Biopic

Summary: Seymour Hoffman is fantastic as Capote in this biopic that focusses on the writer’s relationship with the killers from In Cold Blood.

Like this, try: Vertigo


Cinema Paradiso

Genre: Drama

Summary: This charming Italian film is a love story, full of nostalgia and a true appreciation for the power of cinema to move people.

Like this, try: Amelie


City of God

Genre: Drama

Summary: Powerful and visually arresting film about two boys growing up in Rio de Janeiro and choosing different paths in life.

Like this, try: Top Boy (two series on Netflix)



Genre: Drama

Summary: High school drama based on Austen’s Emma – this is witty, catty and always good fun.

Like this, try: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (two seasons on Netflix)

Django Unchained

Genre:  Western

Summary: Tarantino turns his hand to the Western genre with entertaining results. Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio are good, Christoph Waltz fantastic.

Like this, try: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the

Genre: Black Comedy

Summary: Peter Sellers seems to be having lots of fun in Kubrick’s dark satire about nuclear war.

Like this, try: Big Lebowski


Ex Machina

Genre: Thriller

Summary: Alex Garland (him who wrote the Beach) writes and directs this intelligent and well-paced exploration of Artificial Intelligence.

Like this, try: Under the Skin


Fading Gigolo

Genre: Comedy

Summary: The masterful John Turturro writes, directs and plays a gigolo in this gentle comedy, which also stars Woody Allen as a pimp.

Like this, try: Manhattan



Genre: Thriller

Summary: Coen brothers at their best – a tightly plotted crime thriller that unfolds in several memorable scenes and features some fantastic turns from the cast.

Like this, try: Fargo (TV Series – two seasons on Netflix)

Home Alone

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Best Christmas film ever. One of the best films ever.

Like this, try: Hunt for the Wilder People

Hunt for the Wilder People

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Big hearted NZ film about a wayward kid on an adventure with a delightfully grumpy Sam Neill.

Like this, try: Nebraska


I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

Genre: Crime

Summary: Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood are great in this ‘indie’ vigilante revenge flick. Fast-paced, darkly funny and even touching.

Like this, try: Raising Arizona

Jackie Brown

Genre: Crime

Summary: Tarantino at his best. Tightly plotted and brilliantly scripted crime adaptation of Elmore Leonard novel. Great performances from the big name cast.

Like this, try: Fargo


Kingsmen, The

Genre: Action adventure

Summary: Entertaining, silly and surprising spy romp with Colin Firth. It’s just good fun.

Like this, try: From Dusk Till Dawn


Let the Right One In

Genre: Horror

Summary: The original Swedish version of this vampire film is all the right types of eerie and suspenseful. Beautifully shot too.

Like this, try: Under the Skin


Genre: Sci-fi action

Summary: Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in Rian Johnson’s noir time-travelling sci-fi film.

Like this, try: Drive


Genre: Drama

Summary: Another classic from Woody Allen who, with the help of Diane Keaton, delivers a paean to New York.

Like this, try: Annie Hall



Genre: Drama

Summary: Bruce Dern plays a cantankerous old man that sets about on a road trip. A powerful and touching exploration of a father-son relationship.

Like this, try: Fading Gigolo

Raising Arizona

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Nick Cage is actually good in this Coen brothers’ film about an ex-con and a cop who steal a baby.

Like this, try: Big Lebowski


Star Trek Into Darkness

Genre: Action

Summary: Entertaining reboot of the Star Trek franchise that delivers some impressive action sequences. Benedict Cumberbatch makes for a good baddy.

Like this, try: Looper

Under the Skin

Genre: Dark sci-fi

Summary: Eerie, innovative and beautifully shot and scored film starring Scarlett Johansen and directed by Jonathan Glazer.

Like this, try: Ex Machina



Genre: Thriller

Summary: A retired acrophobic detective, played brilliantly by Jimmy Stewart, finds himself battling with obsession in this Hitchcock classic.

Like this, try: Rear Window



Genre: Drama

Summary: Jazz drumming, scary shouty man and a shed load of tension in this gripping exploration of ambition.

Like this, try: Drive


Wrestler, The

Genre: Drama

Summary: Mickey Rourke is brilliant as a burnt out wrestler looking for redemption in this powerful turn from Darren Aronofsky.

Like this, try: Requiem for a Dream