It (Micro Play)

Gary: It’s still moving, Jimmy.

Jimmy: It’s not an it.

Gary: Well, I don’t know its sex so I can’t say, ‘She’s still moving, she’s about to die’

Jimmy: You could just say what it is, ‘The crow is twitching and about to die’

Gary: That’s no better. Imagine someone going, ‘Look at the human twitching…’

Jimmy: They wouldn’t, because they know my sex. They’d go, ‘Look at HIM twitching, about to die’.

Gary: Why would they know your sex? We don’t know the sex of the crow.

Jimmy: I think it’s going to die soon. Its eyes are going funny.

Gary: See, there you go, you called it it

Jimmy: Let’s just take it to the vet.

Gary: The crow, you mean? We, me and you, his and his, shall take the crow, be it he or she, to the vet before it dies on us.

Jimmy: Gary, it’s dead. The crow is dead.

murmuration of starlings

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