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Best EPs, Mini-Albums and Mixes 2014

The following are a selection of the EPs, mini-albums and mixes that impressed in 2014.

L.D.C.N – Summer Rain

“L.D.C.N’s electronic soundscapes are subtly woven from found sounds and samples. Louie is a cyber crate-digger, carefully culling textures and vocal clips from Soundcloud, YouTube and Bandcamp and bringing them together with a hip-hop sensibility.”

Read the full interview at Gold Flake Paint


Traams – Cissa



Benzel – Men EP

Stereocilia – Growing

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Blacksona – Dead

Nudy Bronque – Moondog

“These five songs are evocative kitchen sink dramas where you can actually feel the slug-like pasta between your fingertips as you pull it from the plughole. Moondog is a more muscular, less nuanced His and Hers – sexy, determined and deliciously dark.” Read the full review here.

Trust Fund – £100000 Richer

Best Mix of 2014

DJ Harrison – Fresh Selects Tight Songs


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